Frequently Asked Questions

1-When do I have to place my order?

Place your order once you know your team roster and sizing.  No you don’t have to order 3 months or more in advance.  Select from our many stock items and we will guarantee blank delivery prior to placing your order.  Need to print your logo, player numbers or a sponsor?  We have many decorating options available to personalize your team wear delivered 30 days or less, without decoration is much faster.

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2-What file format do I need to send for our logo?

Do you have a high resolution vector format file?  If not, send us what you have and we will advise you if we can use the file or not.  We can often recreate the file for no cost or a nominal one-time fee.

Want us to review your current artwork, send your file for review today.

3-What color options are available?

We offer many color options which are based on the design and fit you choose.

Find out the many styles and sizes available for your team by contacting us today.

4-How do I pick from the many options and receive the best price?

We are here to help you select the best product you and your players will perform at their peak.  We will work with you to understand your needs, current offering, the final delivery need at the best price.

Need to touch and feel the materials, we will come to you directly or send you a product kit to help in your final selection.

Start today and find out how you can afford the best by contacting us today.

5- How do I know the right sizes to order?

The best way to confirm the sizes you need to order are to order a sizing kit and try on prior to ordering.

Once you confirm your budget and team wear items, we will review with you the materials and make sure you like the function and fit of your choice.

Start today to ensure your team shows up with the right fit by contacting us today.

6-How do I place my order?

Once you make your final selection of items, confirm the sizes and decoration options and agree to the price and delivery date, the hard part is over, the rest is easy.  We take it from here with your help to schedule a sizing day and we send you all you need to confirm the fit and delivery schedule.

Start today and experience how easy ordering team wear can be by contacting us today.

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